The International Piano Competition Košice 2009 entered second decade. Proclamator of competition is Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic and Organizer of competition is School of Music of Mária Hemerková in Košice. It has been the only competiton for the young pianists up to the age of 15 in Slovakia with international participation . The competition has 3 categories – up to the age of 11, up to the age of 13, and up to the age of 15 years in two rounds.

The International Piano Competition Košice 2009 took place from 23 rd – 26 th April 2009. In the competition have been enrolled 36 children from 13 th countries of Europe /Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, The Czek Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Lithaunia, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine/. Art directory of competition is from the beninning Prof. Peter Toperczer, Dr.h. c., the Dean of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

In the 1 st category won Zuzana Šabíková from Nitra. She also won the prize of President of the Slovak Republic for the best participant from Slovakia and the prize of Music fund Czech. Second place won Skaisté Kašetaité from Lithaunia. On the third place was Jan Škrobánek from Ostrava.

The winer of 2 nd category was Taisija Kuščenko from Lithaunia. Second place obtained Ksenia Starovojtova from Russia, on the third place was Ona Gražinyté from Lithaunia.

In the 3 rd category won Nikola Dragosavac from Serbia, who became Laureante of competition. Second place obtained Alexander Vorontsov from Germany. On the third place was Adam Kotula from Poland.

The fourth place in the 1 st category was given to girl from Košice, from School of Music of Mária Hemerková. She is 8 years old. Her name is Miriam Vatraľová. She also got the prize from Mayor of Košice for the best participant from Košice and prize for the youngiest participant of our competition.

Financial price was given to 5 participants in each castegory. In the 1 st category the fifth place was not given. The prize of Music fund Slovakia got Jakub Šotkovský from Czech Republic. The prize of the Director the Slovak State Philmarmonic Košice got Lina Balciunaité from Lithaunia.

Accompanying action of competition was concert, where Musica Iuvenalis – school orchestra played and there was also playing Richard Reiprich – Laureate of competition from 2001. Richard Reiprich was born in Košice. He is studying fourth year on Conservatoire in Brno and his art performance interested everybody.

Concert of winners and festive award of prizes in the palace art ended up 11 th year International Piano Competition.

The International Piano Competition Košice 2009 was running on high professional level. The competition has won the prestige and high standards at home and abroad as well. The competition brings new connections and friendships for Košice and represents our schol, town Košice and Slovakia.

We are proud Košice has become the European capital of art in 2013.

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